AKA Spa Packages

AKA Rejuvenation

Experience total rejuvenation with a combination of AKA Signature treatments, your journey begins with a floral Milk bath to nourish and hydrate followed by Unpolished Rice scrub designed to remove dead skin calls leaving you glowing with heaths, radiant. Round the experience off with AKA Signature Massage using East-meet-West techniques. Fully pamper your body, mind and spirit. A culture not to be missed.

  • - Floral Foot Ritual
  • - Floral Milk Bath
  • - Unpolished Rice Body Scrub
  • - AKA Signature Massage

3 Hours session THB 4,000++ per person

AKA Luxurious Retreat

The luxurious experience of an invigorating Ultimate Body Detox to detoxify toxins to slough away dead skin followed by the healing powers of AKA Sabai stone therapy are use to massage the body, de-stressing your entire body, mind and sprit. Complete your pampering session with a choice of facial Pantomer or Luminous mask treatment, to uncover the new you.

  • Floral Foot Ritual
  • Ultimate Body Detox
  • AKA Sabai Stone Therapy Massage
  • A choice of Pantomer or Luminous Mask Treatment

4 Hours session THB 7,500++ per person

AKA Romantic Couple

This wonderfully romantic experience is perfect serenity together in the gentle whisper of a truly an aromatic treatment. The program starts with Aromatic Salt bath to relax body and mind. Followed by Aromatherapy Massage to release and loosen your muscles and tensions. The relaxing massage is complete by Aromatherapy Face Treatment which renders the skin soft supple and youthful looking.

  • Floral Foot Ritual
  • Aromatic Salt Bath
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Aromatherapy Face Treatment

2.5 Hours session THB7,900++per couple