AYU, otherwise known as Life in Sanskrit, is a center at AKA Resorts specializing in yoga and holistic treatments, designed to improve natural fitness and general well-being. With emphasis on dietary habits, body types, seasonal changes, massages and other life enriching practices, AYU prescribes ways for practitioners to synchronize with the environment, to live happy, healthier and inspired lives.

It is common practice for monks to give blessings in four main aspects, following temple visits in Thailand. Without incorporating religious aspects, these ancient Zen wisdoms provide immense benefits to practitioners, in ways that the blessings come in the form of and help promote AYU meaning Longevity, Wanna meaning inner Beauty and Aura glowing complexion, Sukha meaning Happiness, and Phala meaning Strength and Energy. AKA Resorts cordially invite all guests to experience and benefit these ancient wisdoms and practice of good healthy living, through the AYU programs and retreats at AKA Resorts.

Lead by Dr. Adrish Brahmadatta and Khun Chai, all year programs are designed to suit different needs, from private to groups and beginners’ to trainer’s workshops. AYU offers variety of training and practice such as Yoga Nidhra, Self Healing Yoga, Detox Yoga, Yoga Meditation, Partner Yoga and Pranayama. Other natural fitness and wellness activities include Pilates,Tai Chi, Thai Boxing, Outdoor Gym, Biking and Trekking.

AYU Team Leaders
Dr. Adrish Brahmadatta

Master Degree in Applied Yogic Science from Bihar Yoga Bharati, India Bachelor Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery from Government Ayurvedic College, Bolangir, Orissa, India

Dr. Adrish is the first highly certified accomplished Yogi, having knowledge in both YOGA AND AYURVEDA, he obtained his Master Degree in Applied Yogic Science from the Bihar Yoga Bharati (The Yoga University of India), and has also been practicing Ayurveda since his graduation from Govt. Ayurvedic College, Orissa, India.

After the accomplishment of his M.Sc., Dr. Adrish joined Post Graduate Degree Training in Panchakarma from Shanthigiri Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidyasala and, worked as Ayurvedic Doctor in their Trivandram, Cochin, Ahmadabad and New Delhi hospitals. Santigiri group is one of the leading Ayurveda Hospital and Pharmaceutical Company of India. Dr. Adrish has been working in the fields of Yoga and Ayurveda, for several multi-national companies, training and treating their executives, working staff and families, namely of a few are Ayurvedic Alternative.

Dr. Adrish has contributed his participation in National and International Organizations several times, such as International Scout, St. John Ambulance, Red Cross. Dr. Adrish also e represented India in International Scout Jamboree held at Colombo and was awarded by the President of India. Recently Dr. Adrish received The Employee of the Year 2006 award from California Wow Experience Public Company of Thailand. Best of the best Yoga Teacher 2007 award from Planet Yoga California Wow Experience Public Company of Thailand.  Previously he was working as Director of Planet Yoga Thailand.

Recently, Dr. Adrish started giving lectures on “Detoxification-Body & Mind”, “Yoga-in daily life”, “Ayurveda - Science of Healing”, “Panchakarma-Purification of Spirit”, also conducts Shiva Yoga teachers training courses in various places around the world. Dr. Adrish visited several spiritual Ashrams in India and also has great respect and value for all Spirituality, Philosophy, Religion and Culture.

Uaichai Prangsuwan

Currently Activities Manager at AKA Resorts, Khun Chai graduated with an honors bachelor degree in Sports Sciences from Kasetsart University and is a certified massage therapist. Khun Chai is one of the most well-rounded “Wellness and Fitness” experts. 

In addition to Yoga, Khun Chai leads several activities including Pilates, Tai Chi, Thai Boxing, Bike Tour, Circuit Training and Body Workouts. Khun Chai is also a certified therapist who provides variety of treatments from Traditional Thai Massage, Sports Massage to alternative treatments such as Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang and lymphatic drainage massage. Khun Chai previously worked as Spa Trainer/Class Instructor and Therapist in several leading international wellness resorts and spas as Spa Trainer/Instructor and Therapist.

Khun Chai loves and live “Well and Fit” lifestyle and is passionate to share his passion with all participants. Along with all the above formal qualifications gained from school and work experience, Khun Chai is topped with endless genuinely happy smiles, patience and energy.

Regular AKA Activities and AYA Programs

AYU programs are available in private classes and scheduled group classes through out the year.

Schedule 08:00-09:00 (Complimentary) 16:00-17:00 (THB 300++/person)
Monday Guti Culture Walk  
Meeting point : Reception
Dress code : Casual with sport shoes
Mind & Body
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual
Tuesday Tai Chi
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual with sport shoes
Mat Pilates
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual
Wednesday Thai Boxing
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual with sport shoes
AKA Bike Tour
Meeting point : Reception
Dress code : Casual with sport shoes
Thursday   Thai Herbal Compress (Luk Pra Kob)
Venue : Spa
Dress code : Casual
Friday TBB Workout 
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual with sport shoes
Circuit Conditioning
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual with sport shoes
Saturday Yoga
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual
Fit Ball
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual with sport shoes
Sunday Stretch
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual
Abdominal Workout
Venue : Gym
Dress code : Casual with sport shoes
  • Yoga – A flowof Yoga postures using precise alignment and postural control to help develop muscular strength, stability, balance, flexibility and breathing awareness. Designed to achieve physical and mental balance.
  • Tai Chi – Practices originated in Asia that combine low impact physical movement, meditation and is very helpful for stress release.
  • Mind & Body – Our mind and body class will help improve your mental awareness and reduce levels of stress as you develop strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Fit Ball – Improve mobility, stability, balance and strength. Help blood circulation, posture control, coordination and muscle tension.
  • Mat Pilates – A floor based Pilates workout using specialized techniques to increase core strength, stamina and body alignment.
  • Circuit Conditioning – An intensive and integrated workout, mixing cardio fitness with body sculpting and strength training.
  • Abdominal Workout – Exercise your body’s core, strengthening abdominal back muscles to improve posture and balance.
  • Stretch – Increase flexibility, help reduce muscle pain and build core strength by reinventing body stretching routine.
  • Thai Boxing – Energetic introduction to the ancient art of Thai Boxing. Learn and perform basic sequences for a great workout.
  • TBB Workout – Tighten, tone and strengthen your thighs, buttocks and lower back while building lean muscle and burning calories.
  • Guti Culture Walk – Easy walk around Guti mountain trail with panoramic views.
  • AKA Bike Tour – Bike sightseeing pineapple and rubber tree plantations through orchid garden, exploring local villages and AKA organic farm.
  • Thai Herbal Compress – Experience Thai herbs preparation for Thai herbal compress.
  • AKA Half Triathlon – Scenic countryside course easy/medium level involve swimming 750 meters, cycling 20 km and running 5km. THB 1,500++ upto 2 participants.

Private classes are available for beginners upon request at THB 1,500++. Meeting point is at the reception. Please book one day in advance at ext. 7900.

Scheduled AYU Programs

Kundalini Yoga 
Emphasize understanding of energy, power and the potential of an individual. Through powers within us and proper secret yogic practice, guidance and observation, one is able to manifest and experience the potential form of energy that we carry through Kundalini yoga.

Full-moon Yoga
Candle light meditation including mantra chanting, spiritual yoga songs Bhajan and Kirtan.

Organic Cooking (3 hours)
Visit AKA organic garden and pick up fresh herbs and vegetable. Followed by cooking workshop to make simple and delicious healthy food with Chef Chanon.

Teacher’s Training
Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Foundation by Dr. Adrish Trainer workshops of different subjects Yoga Nidhra with Shiva Yoga Teacher's Training Center.

AYU Retreats

AYU Retreat-Live Well Again (3-5 nights) by Dr. Adrish and Khun Chai
A personalized program designed for busy people with a lot of stress and do not know how to take a break and once in a while get themselves burned out. The program will introduce participants to various simple ways of living well including yoga, pilate, trekking and gentle stretching exercise. Khun Chai our dedicated Activities Manager and his team will also work with the individuals to plan a personalized fitness and outdoor activities program. Visit to resort's organic farm, vegetable cultivating and DIY healthy and tasty cuisine will be part of the program, with vegetarian options available. Participants will visit the resort's organic farm to cultivate the participants are subjected to have built skills and habit of living well that they can take home with them following the retreat. Extended programs are available.

Silent Yoga Meditation  (2 nights) by Dr. Adrish and Khun Chai
Self healing yoga program that suits all levels.
Private classes of one-three classes program focusing on various yoga Asana, Pranayama, Nidhra, Meditation, Parter yoga and Yoga Detox.

Corporate Programs

Outings/Retreats/Meetings (1-2 nights)
Organize your annual retreats or do your marketing plan in a unique setting. When your mind is free, you will be in your most creative moment. Corporate programs for small and medium size groups including rooms and meals are available.